What You Need to Know Before Choosing Insurance for Children

What You Need to Know Before Choosing Insurance for Children

What You Need to Know Before Choosing Insurance for Children: Not only adults, health insurance for children is also an important thing to have. Children have a tendency to get sick and undergo higher hospitalizations than adults. Given these vulnerable conditions, toddlers are also encouraged to have health insurance that can support their health needs.
What You Need to Know Before Choosing Insurance for Children
What You Need to Know Before Choosing Insurance for Children
Every person should have health insurance since they were little. Moreover, the immune system that has not been strong makes children more vulnerable to illness and hospitalization. The following are things that should be considered when choosing health insurance for children.

Understand the Meaning of Health Insurance for Children
If adult health insurance functions to divide the risks that occur when sick, child health insurance aims to provide facilities to support health needs, such as outpatient medical expenses, hospitalization, and vaccination.

Including Children in Parent Insurance
Generally health insurance for children under 24 years must include parents. So if you buy health insurance for yourself and your partner, it's good at the same time involving children. if you and / or your partner works permanently in a company, first check the health facilities provided by the office. Try to check:
  • Labor claims: what is the nominal or percentage of costs borne by the insurance company or company.
  • Compulsory immunization claims for children in the first year.
  • Claim the cost of care and outpatient care (if any) for children.

Most companies provide insurance that covers the family only to male employees, but not to female employees. But there are also those who only bear the health costs of the employee themselves, without family members. In this situation you need to consider buying your own health insurance for family members.

Companies are also required to register their employees with the government-owned BPJS program. And it turns out, your child can also be registered since he was still in the womb or after birth. Some documents that you need to prepare to register your child, include:
  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate.
  • Photocopy of Family Card
  • Photocopy of BPJS, Ladies and Gentlemen.
  • Photocopy of Ms. and Mrs. KTP.

Other information regarding BPJS registration for children and facilities that can be obtained, you can access the official website of the Social Security Organizing Board / BPJS health.

Life insurance plus health or health insurance only?
Children do not need to be registered for life insurance, because they have no economic value. Just enough parents have life insurance because children will lose their source of income if one or both parents die. In addition, health insurance, which only functions as an addition / rider of life insurance, will not function optimally.

Check complete insurance facilities
In general, insurance only guarantees hospitalization. However, if your child is relatively sick often, it's a good idea to use insurance that provides inpatient and outpatient care, as well as vaccination. As a consequence, the premium paid is more expensive than just hospitalization. Also check the completeness of facilities such as coverage of room fees, medicines, doctors, surgery, doctor's diagnosis before and after hospitalization.

According to ability
Be aware of your ability to pay premiums. No need to force to have VIP room facilities if you can only set aside premiums for class 2 rooms.

Basically, choosing insurance for children is similar to choosing health insurance for yourself, which can cover the costs of children's health. Being careful in choosing insurance for all family members can reduce expenses when falling ill.