This is a Complete Description of AXA Travel Insurance

This is a Complete Description of AXA Travel Insurance

This is a Complete Description of AXA Travel Insurance: Vacationing is certainly a fun thing to look forward to. Many people are willing to save and even save money so they can enjoy the holidays. However, providing travel insurance often goes unnoticed. In fact, unexpected events can come at any time. Including when on vacation.

This is a Complete Description of AXA Travel Insurance
This is a Complete Description of AXA Travel Insurance

You definitely don't want to, right, your vacation is broken due to something unpleasant. Call it, the occurrence of a damaged, lost suitcase, plane delay, illness, or a dangerous situation. The things mentioned earlier turned out quite often, you know!

Well, to anticipate things like that, it's a good idea to prepare yourself before leaving. How? Buy travel insurance.

One of the frequently recommended travel insurance products is AXA Travel Insurance Indonesia. This product is often heard. How curious? The following are details of AXA travel insurance products that you might consider before traveling.
This is a Complete Description of AXA Travel Insurance

The best product from AXA Travel Insurance Indonesia
AXA travel insurance consists of two choices. The first, travel insurance throughout the world and domestic choices only.

With such choices, this travel insurance from AXA is quite affordable. Because, the amount of premium is adjusted to the purpose of your trip. If you travel far enough from the country, of course the premium is higher. Vice versa, domestic travel makes premiums more affordable.

Following is the explanation of each AXA travel insurance product:

1. AXA SmartTraveller
AXA SmartTraveller is a protection for those of you who will travel abroad or around the world.

Some interesting protection from AXA SmartTraveller is compensation if your transportation is delayed. Then, you also get baggage protection if it is damaged or lost. In fact, AXA SmartTraveller will provide reimbursement of travel expenses if you have to get back soon because of things beyond your control.

The AXA SmartTraveller plan consists of three choices. Starting from Platinum and Gold to travel around the world and Special Asia for travel in the Asia region only.

This AXA travel insurance premium is priced starting from IDR 182 thousand per person for one to four days. You who travel with your family can even save more. Because, the pay starts from Rp. 299 thousand for one to four days.

Meanwhile, the benefits provided by AXA include: Personal accident benefits up to Rp 2.6 billion for Platinum plans, Rp 1.3 billion for Gold plans, and Rp 325 million for Asia plans. For late flight, you will get compensation ranging from Rp. 1.3 million to Rp. 6.5 million per hour!

2. Domestic AXA ​​Travel
Not only cover travel around the world, AXA also provides domestic travel protection.

AXA Travel Domestic provides compensation for travel delays, baggage loss and damage protection, and trip cancellations. For Domestic AXA ​​Travel, the premium paid starts from Rp. 47 thousand per day. Of these premiums, you will get several benefits.

The benefits include personal accident compensation of up to Rp 200 million and medical expenses due to illness up to Rp 10 million. Then, you will get compensation ranging from Rp. 250 thousand to Rp. 1 million per eight hours if transportation delays.

Events that make it uncomfortable can happen at any time. So, rather than you getting annoyed at your vacation, you are more disturbed because of those uncomfortable things, you anticipate!

When calculated, the calculation is quite cheap, right, when compared with the risks that occur? Both AXA SmartTraveller and AXA Domestic Travel, even the premiums do not exceed the price of your hotel per night.

It is worth considering the products of AXA Insurance Indonesia Travel as your travel insurance for the holidays.