About Employment Insurance

About Employment Insurance

About Employment Insurance: It is often said that bad things can happen to you even without your cooperation. It can also be said about work and career. The shortage of available jobs, mass layoffs and austerity, reorganization and mergers, in today's fast pace anything can happen. When that comes, the experience can be devastating to many people, getting worse when insufficient savings, high debt and delinquent payments.
About Employment Insurance
About Employment Insurance
Getting ready is always the best way to reduce the impact of losing income. Having an insurance job keeps you from enjoying income benefits. Employment insurance can help you accept pregnancy, compassionate sick care services, provide support for sick family members, care for babies, even the benefits of fishing and more.

To apply for Employment Insurance all you have to do is submit an application online. Employment insurance is paid even when applicants will receive money when unemployed.

When applying for employment insurance, a "Job Note" will be requested from you that you must get from your last employer or proof of work such as a payment slip, paycheck and certification.

Other documents that you will need when applying for an Insurance Job will include:

Social insurance number. If your SIN number starts with 9, that means you are an immigrant and must also provide your immigration status and work permit. You must provide a work record that covers the last 52 weeks. When claiming health and illness benefits, medical certificates must be completed. When applying directly, prepare your SIM, passport or birth certificate. Furnish also complements bank information.

A check or cancel check is required from your current personal account, because payments will be made directly to that account. When applying for parental benefits, a Social Insurance number from other parents will be needed.

If you apply for compassionate care, a medical certificate must be given. You also have to give your version of the facts about the causes of your unemployment. Together with this is a statement of the total salary before deduction, including commissions and other income allowances, the total amount you will receive includes severance pay, vacation money, pensions etc.

Do not delay when applying for Employment Insurance, delaying applications exceeding four weeks can cause penalties or loss of benefits. If you receive financial assistance from social services while waiting to get an employment claim, you must replace the amount of your employment insurance benefits.

If you are not healthy and cannot apply for your Employment Insurance, an appointment representative can be assigned to apply on your behalf. After you apply for your employment insurance, you will receive in a statement of benefit including the access code and date for your first report. Having an access code does not mean that your claim has been decided. Together with this will be instructions on how to complete your report.

If you have entered your report with all the necessary information fulfilled, you will begin to receive your Employment Insurance benefits 28 days after filing.