How To Close Prudential Insurance Quickly

How To Close Prudential Insurance Quickly

How To Close Prudential Insurance Quickly: Insurance is an appropriate choice of self and family protection and is chosen by many people because of the benefits it provides. And Prudential is a very reputable insurance company in Indonesia, so it's not surprising to have enough customers. But sometimes when a person is no longer able to pay the premium or even does not want to use insurance anymore, of course it is necessary to close the insurance.
How To Close Prudential Insurance Quickly
How To Close Prudential Insurance Quickly
And basically the way to close Prudential insurance is quite easy, but the decision to close the insurance is not an easy matter. And many people are still confused about how to close the insurance, you don't need to be confused because here are some ways you can do:

1. Through Prudential Agent
The first is through a Prudential agent, the agent itself is one of the easy ways to cover your insurance, and the agents themselves also have more knowledge and abilities about Prudential. Therefore closing the policy is also part of their service. Even if your Prudential agent is inactive later, there will be an automatic system which gives a new agent. Usually information about new agents and replacements for your old agent will be sent via email and also sms.

2. Through the Prudential Local Office
Then the second through the Prudential office in your city, in addition to having a head office, Prudential has several local offices in all cities in Indonesia. Because the main function of the chancellor is the marketing office. Even though all transactions go through the head office, but you can still go to the local office because it can usually help arrange the closing of insurance to the head office, but indeed the cost of sending documents is borne by the customer.

3. Contact Prudential Customer Service
Then the third is contacting Prudential customer service, where this method is quite effective, you only need to contact Prudential customer service, then verify the customer's personal data, where you need to prepare some data such as policy number, full name, date of birth, registered address and number registered cellphone. And this verification also only needs to be done once, then later you will get the Telephone Service Identification Number number from customer service. After that, talk to customer service relation if you want to close the insurance policy. The next step is to choose a file delivery method, where you will be given a choice of shipping via your home address or email address. Prudential will send the file itself and a form that needs to be filled in according to the method you choose. The file to be sent is the policy closing form, then information about your policy. After that, you only need to send the requirements to the head office. And after all files have been received, it will be processed immediately until your cash value will be entered into the account around 7 to 14 working days.
Come Directly to Prudential Headquarters

And how to close Prudential insurance for those of you who may have more time, then you can immediately come to Prudential's head office. Later you can get clearer and more complete information about closing your insurance policy. The head office itself is in Prudential Tower, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 79, Jakarta 12910, Indonesia. You have to come during office hours. But before you come to the head office, you should prepare several documents such as the original policy book, then photocopy of identity such as KTP or Passport, then photocopy the first page of the account book, the policy closing form and the agent's signature. After that you only need to talk about the desire to close your insurance policy and just adjust to the instructions given.